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Different or unusual Slide Rules
Two slide rule collectors in Texas design and build the longest slide rule and set a new worlds record.
Read about the Texas Magnum.

Different or unusual Slide Rules in my collection
An unsual back-light screen projection slide rule. Only five were made and even documentation on them is also very rare.
A temporary K & E slide rule sold during WW II.
A Pickett slide rule with no scales.
This the first versions of Pickett slide rules were made of a magnesium alloy. History has shown magnesium to be to be a poor material to use for a slide rule in that they tended to become oxidized and powdery on the edges. I have seen Pickett magnesium alloy slide rules actually "freeze up" in that you could not move the slide. This one is in very, very good condition for a magnesium alloy in that it does slide smoothly.
And there are no scales.
This particular slide rule may have been used by the salesman to demo the construction of the slide rules, maybe? It does not appear that the paint has been etched off.
The stick label that says "S-1263" was used by me for inventory control.

This item is no longer in my collection. I sold it in 2015.



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