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Listed on this page are links to other known Internet pages that are related to slide rule or mechanical calculator collecting.

I will gladly list any links of this nature. Just send me an e-mail with the URL and a brief description of it's content. Send the information to: Links [at] this web site.


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Jay's Slide Rules - Home Page.    My personal slide rules and mechanical calculators.

David Crate - Slide Rule Collector .    The site for David Crate, a slide rule collector. Currently he has some slide rules for sale. And a solution to the "KERCS" problem.

Ron Manley    - A Civil Engineer / Hydrologist, based in the UK. This site has an analyse of the price of rules sold on eBay.

   Commercial Sites

The Rational Past.    The Rational Past. Laboratory, Medical, Nautical, Surveying, Calculating, Drafting, Weights, Measures, Scales, Astronomical, Optics, Meteorological, Industrial, Agricultural, Tools of the Trades and Other Items of Unique Interest.

The Slide Rule Universe.    The Slide Rule Universe. All kinds of slide rules for sale. A large selection.

PerryGraf Slide Charts Inc.    The original manufacturer of custom slide charts and wheel charts.

Datalizer Slide Charts Inc.    Datalizer Slide Charts is a manufacturer of custom slide charts, wheel charts and point-of-purchase displays.

CollectibleDetective    Links to old vintage antiques. Find antique dealers, appraisers, collectors, clubs and more at CollectibleDetective.com.

   Research Sites

Post Research.    The Post Slide Rule Research Article. This article was the result of 2 years of extensive research and investigation conducted by Paul Ross and Ted Hume. Excellent work.

   Clubs and Organizations

The Oughtred Society.

The Oughtred Society
dedicated to the history and collection of slide rules

The Oughtred Society was formed in 1991 to serve the needs of the growing number of slide rule collectors. From a nucleus of 11 charter members in June of 1991 the Society has grown to become a worldwide organization with over 300 members. The Society establishes a journal twice a year, publishes a swapsheet twice a year, prvides a membership directory, and sponsors an annual meeting of collectors. Membership privileges include the ability to purchase back issues of The Journal. The Society has become a valued network for contact and exchange among slide rule collectors.

The Oughtred Society is a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization.

Annual dues are as follows:
Domestic (US): $35.00
International: $40.00

To join, simply send a check for the appropriate amount along with your name and mailing address to:

Wayne Lehnert
Secretary of the Oughtred Society
P.O. Box 99077
Emeryville, CA 94662

The International Slide Rule Group on Yahoo,    The 900 member group list on Yahoo.

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