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Actually I have been collecting telephones and telephone related items since the 1960's when I found a black 500 set in a building that was being demolished. And this was during the era when you could not own your own telephone. I hooked it up with alligator clips to the fuse block in the basement of our house.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, I started to work in the telecommunications industry. From that point on, telephones and miscellaneous phone related items started to appear in my basement and garage. :)

Over the years, my collection has grown to about 200 telephones. Plus various items related to the telephone industry. I used to have a 555 switchboard. In 2014 I sold it to another phone collector in the area. So I know it went to a good home.

I also have a wooden telephone booth, dated 1954.

As time permits, I will post some of the items in my collection and also some items for sale.

Some people have asked me why I named this site "Red Dial Tone". Simple. I like the sound of the older red dial tone vs the newer blue dial tone.

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